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Do you ever kick yourself because you can't remember some important dates? 

It is often easy to forget important dates such as anniversaries, deadlines or final exams... Use Alert Calendar to help you remember! When Alert Calendar is run, a small icon will blink in the system tray (right on Windows Taskbar) and will remind you of that date. Alert Calendar is a freeware application (free of charge).

blinking system tray

Download ultimate version

Download ultimate version of Alert Calendar for free!
Important: To use Alert Calendar, you'll need to read and accept the License Agreement. Click HERE to read
Please read the LICENSE AGREEMENT before downloading or using ALERT CALENDAR.
If you do not agree with the license agreement, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE ALERT CALENDAR.
Alert Calendar  home page (this page):  http://www.naotemnome.com/prog/free/alertcalendar/
Download link: http://www.naotemnome.com/prog/free/alertcalendar/alertcalendar.zip  


Alert Calendar takes only seconds to download and install.
To install it just ‘unzip’ Alert Calendar (and the help files).
Alert Calendar doesn't require  installing any software or library on your machine. 
Alert Calendar does not modify Windows system files  or Windows Registry. The user doesn't need to install anything else to use Alert Calendar because Alert Calendar is an ordinary ‘.exe’ file.

Using Alert Calendar - Instructions:

Select a date in the calendar....

...to add a date, click on the "add date" button
add date

You can add a note to remind you why that date is important to you (I always forget my wedding anniversary). You can choose between two options: every month (remind you of that day every month... forever!) or on  the specified date:

when dialog

Repeat the steps above to select and add another date. If the date is not correct, select it in the list box and click on “Remove date” or “Remove day”:


Repeat the steps to select the proper date.

To put it in the system tray, press the “TrayIconize” button:


Alert Calendar will blink (in the system tray) whenever that date comes


To stop blinking, use the right mouse button and deselect Blink Today:

blinking menu

Click on “Open” or click on the icon in the system tray to include or delete new dates.
Click on “Exit” if you want to close Alert Calendar.


To make your life easier, you can create a shortcut icon in the Startup Folder (Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, Windows Vista: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup )
Many people turn on the computer and go through the mechanical process of loading their oft-used programs.Windows (XP and Vista) can automate this task: with the Startup folder (in the Start button’s All Programs menu).
How? Just select the “Run at Startup” check box:

create icon startup

When Windows starts, it peeks inside the Startup folder and runs that program or file.
To automatically delete that shortcut, just deselect the option  “Run at Startup”.


Before uninstall or delete Alert Calendar, run it once and unselect the option  Run at Startup to delete the Startup shortcut icon
To uninstall Alert Calendar, just delete the Alert Calendar folder.
If you have added shortcut icons manually, or if you deleted  Alert Calendar before removing the Startup Icon you will need manually delete that shortcut.

To delete a shortcut manually, right-click on the shortcut (shortcut icon in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\start menu\Programs\Startup) and then click on “Delete”. Alternatively, you may drag the shortcut to the Recycle Bin (when you delete an object’s shortcut, the original object is not deleted).


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Victor M. Sant'Anna - free@naotemnome.com

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